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Tiffany Brown, author of her best-selling novel, Reality Check, inspirational speaker and advocate has a passionate desire to empower, inspire and motivate every individual she meets by sharing her personal story of her journey to emotional and mental healing after trauma. As a natural leader and teacher, Ms. Brown utilizes her caring and nurturing approach to inspire both men, women, and children on the importance of educating yourself on important issues, finding your inner strengths, being your authentic self and using your experiences to promote change and wellness. Ms. Brown is a firm believer in the importance of mental health and how a person’s mindset can be a true asset to being their best self! 

Ms. Brown’s purpose filled approach has saved many from 

self-destruction, negative mindsets, suicidal ideations and giving up hope and faith. Tiffany engages those who listen, building trust and respect first followed by creating a safe place for open dialogue and positive reinforcement and encouragement with the goal of empowering individuals to take charge of their future and purpose. 

Tiffany is a powerful speaker who promotes self-love, inner healing, promotion of community resources and networking and overcoming fears and past failures. Tiffany’s favorite symbol is the butterfly because of its resilient nature to recreate oneself into what God intended a butterfly to be. Tiffany encourages everyone to take the journey to recreate themselves and gain their wings and soar above all adversities and pain. 

Ms. Brown travels sharing her journey of overcoming sexual assault, childhood abuse, domestic violence and heartbreak. Ms. Brown has had the honor of speaking at various organizations and seminars about domestic violence, sexual assault and Victim vs. Survivor mentality.  Ms. Brown also has been an active community volunteer for over thirty years supporting many causes that are dear to her such as homelessness, violence against women, ADHD awareness, childhood disabilities, substance abuse and more. 

Through all the trials that Ms. Brown has survived, she has learned that the power of faith in God, prayer, and the support of friends and family are important to being successful. However, change starts from within. Tiffany’s mantra, “Do not let your past define who you are now. Be the vehicle for change and take the road to fulfill your purpose.” 

Photography by Anne Hill

Photography by Anne Hill

Speaking Topics Include...

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault


Ms. Brown shares her personal story of becoming a survivor while educating and raising awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault including perpetrator profiles, how to protect yourself, accountability and becoming a Survivor! As the Founder of Butterfly Visions Project, she has helped hundreds of survivors regain their life after trauma.  

Inspire to Empower

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Ms. Brown meets with women, men and youths daily and encourages all to use their inner strengths, passions and voice to empower others to speak up about abuse, trauma, and mental health.  By inspiring survivors to empower victims, we all can reduce violence in families and in our communities.  Ms. Brown created the Speak and Inspire Series to give a platform to Survivors to Inspire others!

Victim vs Survivor Mentality


Ms. Brown believes that the difference between being a victim and a survivor is in your choices. Being a victim "is self-defeating and self-limiting and leads to self-pity and self-sabotage" according to Rebecca Anholt, a personal power couch. When we think, feel and act this way we limit ourselves to the possibility of something greater and more powerful- transforming into a Survivor.  

Ms. Brown speaks to audiences about the importance of mental healthy in recovery and the journey to healing and shares suggestions and steps to achieve wellness.  


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